Property management in Zillertal and Tyrol

Proper management of your real estate

Your property is an investment. We manage it in your best interest!

As an owner and investor, you are dedicated to your property. However, this commitment should not become a burden. As professional property managers, we cover the entire spectrum of managing rental buildings, retail centers, commercial properties, and residential properties. Our clients entrust us with their real estate investments because they know that, as property managers and experienced real estate experts, we uphold high standards of quality, competence, and reliability.

When you choose Immobilien Scheffauer for the management of your property in Zillertal or Tyrol, you benefit from a comprehensive service that complies with all legal regulations for property and condominium management.

Rental management for owners

Modellhäuser auf einem Stapel Dokumenten

As a landlord of a tenement, commercial property, or condominium in an apartment building, managing the needs of tenants and the property can be challenging. However, addressing tenant issues, searching for new tenants, performing maintenance and repair work, and preserving the property's value often exceeds the time and expertise of owners or investors. We are happy to take over the rental management of your property—from finding new tenants to accounting and utility billing. We serve as the point of contact for tenants and ensure the proper maintenance and care of your property—transparently and cost-effectively.

Condominium management for owner communities

As a member of an owner community, you and other owners are responsible for maintaining and preserving the property. This involves fulfilling various duties and tasks in compliance with the law as well as finding practical solutions amidst different viewpoints. We have been professionally and reliably managing, preserving, and enhancing the value of properties in Tyrol for decades. We organize maintenance and repair work, develop a solid economic plan, and provide advice on cost optimization to ensure the optimal management of the property.

Established since 1990: Modern and innovative!

Immobilien Scheffauer is among the leading service providers in the Zillertal and Tyrol region. We have successfully translated our extensive experience and competence into the present and effectively utilize them within a modern, innovative company structure. For instance, we handle damage management digitally—efficiently and quickly!

If you want your condominium, investment property, commercial space, or rental building to be well and transparently managed, speak with our qualified real estate experts. We reliably address your concerns and represent your property in your best interest. Contact us by phone or email to schedule a consultation!

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