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The market value of a property is crucial for owners looking to sell at an attractive price and buyers seeking a wise investment. With our professional valuation and court-proof market value reports by our expert Mr. Mag. Martin Scheffauer, we determine the current market value of your property in Zillertal, Kufstein, Innsbruck, Fügen, Mayrhofen, Tyrol, and beyond.

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In a simple market valuation, factors such as location, construction year, and property size are analyzed in the context of the current market situation. Different methods are used depending on the type of property: the income approach for income-producing properties, the cost approach for privately used properties or special properties, and the comparative approach for residential properties using similar property data.

We typically perform simple valuations for classic real estate transactions (purchase/sale) for both owners and buyers.

Market value reports

Sachverständiger erstellen ein Gutachten

Expert market value reports require a thorough examination of all relevant documents and a personal property inspection, adhering to legal requirements. The preparation is detailed and time-consuming, resulting in a legally sound report.

Our membership in the main association of court experts ensures a fair report.

Evaluation by our expert is useful for

  • Real estate transactions of all kinds (e.g., sale/purchase)
  • Financial and asset assessments for private and commercial purposes
  • Inheritance planning/determination of compulsory share claims
  • Divorce and separation negotiations
  • Other legal, administrative, or banking procedures where the market value is significant

Competently valued – Risk reduced!

Our goal in valuation and appraisal is to determine a current and market-appropriate price. As a property owner in Zillertal, Innsbruck, Fügen, Mayrhofen, or Tyrol, you shouldn't face financial losses or other disadvantages in your project.

The market valuation or report provides a realistic market value. For sales intentions, this value serves as the basis for determining the optimal asking price, ensuring you do not sell below value. It also supports targeted marketing, helping to avoid a lengthy sales process.

At Immobilien Scheffauer, we engage intensively with your project and property. In valuation and appraisal, you benefit from our continuous market observation, decades of experience, and comprehensive expertise. Schedule an appointment with our experts by phone or email!

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